Please select subfloor and/or covering at first. If needed choose load or additional properties.
Click on button \"create system recommendation\" for your individual floor construction recommendation..

There are two advanced possibilities:

only selecting a subfloor (no selected covering)
generates a composition up to leveling compound layer
only choosing a covering (no selected subfloor)
generates a adesive recommendation for selected covering in general

Object description / remarks



Subfloor selection

Tap to enter the selection list ...
  • Bestaande ondervloeren
  • Beton
  • Calciumsulfaat dekvloer
  • Cementdekvloer
  • Gietasfalt
  • Magnesiet
  • Ondergrond in droge constructie
  • Overige

parquet selection

  • Massief parket, met oppervlaktebehandeling
  • Massief parket, onbehandeld
  • Meerlaags parket, met oppervlaktebehandeling
  • Meerlaags parket, onbehandeld

Parquet adhesive

Choose your preferred parquet glue:
Depending on the choice of the floor and the parquet, several parquet glues are available for you. You can select your preferred glue from the list above.

Additional property